An Industrial 3D printer for Every Engineer

Next-Generation desktop 3D printing platform that delivers manufacturing-grade parts with advanced engineering materials.

  • Heated Chamber Delivers Stronger Manufacturing-Grade Parts   
  • Open Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials   
  • Guaranteed Part Accuracy and SR-30 Soluble Support 
  • Save Engineering Time with an Automated Workflow and CAD Integration

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METHOD System Specifications


System Size43.7 L x 41.3 W x 64.9 H cm / 17.2 x 16.3 x 25.6 in
System Weight29.5 kg / 65 lbs
Maximum Build Size (XYZ)
Single Extrusion19 L x 19 W x 19.6 H cm / 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.75 in
Dual Extrusion
15.2 L x 19 W x 19.6 H cm / 6.0 x 7.5 x 7.75 in

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METHOD Materials

Print real ABS, ASA, and PC-ABS with superior mechanical and thermal properties than modified desktop 3D printer formulations.

Print with official MakerBot materials including Nylon Carbon Fiber, ABS, Nylon, PC-ABS and SR-30 – each carefully tested for thousands of hours to achieve engineering standards of printed part dimensional accuracy and strength.

Access unlimited materials with an Open Materials Platform enabled by MakerBot LABS. Print advanced materials, such as ABS Carbon, TPE (flexible), PETG ESD, and PC.

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METHOD Case Study – All Axis Robotics

“Not only was it extremely valuable for us to make on-demand custom parts for what we needed to keep our operations going, but we were able to implement 3D printing for our customers and their needs."

- Gary Kuzmin, CEO, All Axis Robotics

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