SLM System Materials

Offering qualified metal powder & material parameters

SLM Solutions provides a range of high-quality powders and unique parameter sets to guarantee SLM® machines are able to meet your production needs at peak performance. Because the properties of the metal powder utilized by SLM® machines affect the achievable results, SLM Solutions has established a powder division in 2016 to supply customers with materials that ideally fit selective laser melting machines for qualified serial production. The raw of the selective laser melting process is spherical metal powder, usually in a nominal particle size distribution of 10 – 45 or 20 - 63 µm micro-meter. Our open architecture systems are thereby open for your individual adjustments and alloy developments.

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SLM Materials Capabilities

Powder Selection

SLM Solutions' metal powder portfolio currently encompasses 16 specific alloys from 6 alloy families. High-quality part production is directly correlated to the quality of metal powder. At SLM Solutions, the performance criteria for our powder supply chain is stringently structured and is governed by not only that of our partner agreements but also our own quality inspection to guarantee the efficacy of the materials.

Parameter Development

Our metal powder portfolio is designed with your end part in mind. SLM Solutions provides precisely engineered parameters matching every offered material for SLM® machines which enables additive manufacturing of high-quality components designated for technical applications. Whether you are seeking individual parameter adaptions or generic parameters for SLM® powders, we help you navigate through the variety of possibilities ensuring the highest productivity and your success with additive manufacturing. Find the qualified test results published in our material data sheets.

Integrated Powder Handling

When working with metal powders, there is a range of standards including staff care, handling and storage of materials, housekeeping requirements, audits and documentation. All companies operating AM systems should carry out risk assessments and develop an understanding of the regulatory framework and their health and safety obligations. At SLM Solutions, we have immense experience in metal AM and have developed a deep understanding of the risks of metal powders and the laser powder bed fusion process (LPBF). We have designed our systems to overcome these risks and protect users and operating companies.

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SLM Materials 

Al-Based Alloys – AlSi10Mg, AlSi7Mg0.6, AlSi9Cu3

Ni-Based Alloys – HX, IN625, IN718, IN939

Fe-Based Alloys – 316L (1.4404), 15-5PH(1.4545), 17-4PH(1.4542), 1.2709, H13(1.2344), Invar 36  

Ti-Based Alloys - Ti6Al4V ELI (Grade 23), TA15, Ti (Grade 2)

Co-Based Alloys - CoCr28Mo6, SLM MediDent

Cu-Based Alloys - CuNi2SiCr, CuSn10

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SLM Materials Data Sheet

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