Designed for serial production

The NXG Xll 600 is a revolution in industrial manufacturing. The NXG XII 600 was designed for high-volume, serial productions. The arrival of this machine with 12 lasers with 1000 Watts will change supply chains and the common inventory models forever. The integration of this machine in traditional production lines is not just a breakthrough for additive manufacturing, but the start of a new era in manufacturing and metal additive printing. It is built on four core principles: Productivity, size, reliability and safety.

12x Laser Power 

With 12 lasers 1000 watts each, we have raised the industry bar to new heights. Productivity and reduced cost per part are the key elements of this machine. 

  • Highest speed & productivity available in accordance with industry standards
  • Up to 20 times faster compared to a standard single laser system
  • Up to 5 times faster than a 4-laser machine
  • Double Jump Speed enables build rates of 1000ccm/h
  • An unrivaled output of 10.000kg of produced parts per year

Lightning-Fast 3D Printing with 40% Reduced Fire-To-Fire Time 

Ready for serial production integration – Now 12 Lasers is not enough. The whole system was revolutionized to get the maximum out of this combined laser power.

  • Reduced laser-off times
  • Ground-breaking build speed of the machine
  • New gas-flow optimized bi-directional recoating
  • Lowest cost per part by reducing costs of production
  • Integrated Scan Field Partitioning for even load distribution between all 12 lasers
  • Automatic build cylinder exchange
  • Automatic build start
  • External preheating station
  • External depowder station
  • Reduced skywriting time by 50%

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SLM NXG XII 600 System Specifications

Increased Beam Diameter    160 micrometers

Increased Hatch Distance     400 micrometers 

Build Cylinder                        216 litre

Maximum Build Size (XYZ)   600 x 600 x 600 mm



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SLM NXG XII 600 Materials

Freedom of Choice

Up to now it was not possible to build parts out of nickel-based alloys or steels with laser power of more than 350 Watts. The zoom functionality enables you to use increased laser power of up to 800 Watts. In these material groups we expect significant jumps in build-up rates compared to aluminum, where we already achieved very high built up rates in the past. For aluminum alloys, we expect higher build up rates, nonetheless, not only because of the use of 12 lasers.

  • No limitations regarding materials

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SLM NXG XII 600 Case Study

Engine Housing

Machine: SLM NXG XII 600
Material: AlSi10Mg
Weight: 15.5 kg
 Production Time: 21 hrs

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